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Do you have specific fitness goals, but you don't know how to achieve them? Find someone who can be your motivator and champion - someone who's always in your corner.

If you're looking for personal training with a specific goal in mind, check out our personal training programs! These programs are 6 weeks and built to give measurable results!

Is one-on-one not your thing? Try our small group classes! Each class is taught by a Personal Trainer, and offers more personalized attention than a typical group fitness class.


At the Kroc, our certified Personal Trainers are dedicated to helping you



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Boost your energy and confidence with emPOWER personal training. emPOWER is an individual training program for women that combines weekly sessions with your trainer and a personalized, easy-to-follow exercise and nutrition plan. Boost your metabolism, attack stubborn areas, improve muscle tone and feel empowered!



It’s time to make GAINS. Enhance muscle shape, tone and size. Whether you want to get stronger than you’ve ever been, tighten up troublesome areas, or finally get that muscle definition you’ve been craving.


Fit for Life

Fit for Life is a training program created for the unique needs of older adults. Combat arthritis through movement, and slow bone loss through strength training. With this age-specific program your trainer will help you stay active and healthy while preventing age-based injuries.


Bringing Sweaty Back

Thinking of stepping back into the gym? Our trainers provide the motivation, encouragement and support you need to feel confident returning to the gym. They provide guidance on exercise selection and form, as well as nutrition. Your trainer is your partner in your journey to reach your health and fitness goals!


Sweater to Swimwear

Wisconsin winters are loooong, and summer is right around the corner! Your Trainer will help you get beach and pool ready using this fully-tailored program of resistance training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Slim down or tone up, and gain the confidence to rock your swimsuit this summer!


Sweating for the Wedding

What better way to work off your stress and get fit for the dress than our Bridal Makeover program? If you want to look good and feel confident on your wedding day, and have the energy to dance the night away, sign up for this 6 week session. (Or keep going for 12 weeks, 18 weeks or more!)



Package Price: $213 for 6 weeks

(a $390 value!)

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Join one of our personal training small group classes for more personal, one-on-one attention.


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Balance, strength, mobility

Train in a fitness environment to develop life-enhancing skills that will improve daily activities, help prevent injuries and promote longevity. Proven results for your balance, strength and mobility.


Strength & conditioning

Build strength and endurance at all fitness levels  with varied, high-intensity movements. This class combines basic weightlifting with body-weight cardio.


Kettlebell/bodybar fusion

This unique fusion class combines two popular fitness trends to challenge core strength and power -- core-strengthening kettlebell movements merge with dynamic bodybar exercises for a total body strength and cardio workout.



New to the gym or just coming back? This small group will help you accomplish your wellness goals. Learn how to set goals, the basics of resistance training, cardio training and other tips and information to help you be successful in your wellness journey.



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